Best ATV Tires for Snow

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ATVs are popular because you can enjoy an exciting journey on different surfaces. A high-power ATV and a fearless mind are a perfect combination for an adventure ride. Driving in deep mud and snow is a cakewalk with ATV. Tires play a major role when driving off-road. Many ATV tires are specifically designed to combat off-road surfaces but not all ATV tires are designed only for snow riding.

Most ATV tires are equipped to work in harsh conditions. There is no significant difference between cold-weather and warm-weather tires because almost every ATV tire is made with a deep tread pattern which gives good traction on snow-covered surfaces.

Best 7 ATV tires for Snow in 2023

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Kenda Bearclaw Evo K5 92

Maxxis 4-Snow

Carlisle AT489

Here we have compiled the best ATV tires for snow and each comes with its own features. Know the qualities of each product and decide which one is best for you.

1. Kenda Bearclaw Evo K5 92 – All round performer

Kenda Bearclaw Evo K5 92

Kenda Bearclaw tire offers adequate traction and grips along with excellent stability and responsive handling. This is an all-round performer so it is perfect for off-road surfaces including snow. The combination of recessed-dimpled knobs and large center knobs provides excellent traction on unpacked and packed snow. Your ATV will have excellent grip and traction in the snow with a set of these tires.

Fortunately, it works perfectly in warmer conditions also. Driving with the set of these tires is something you will enjoy. You will fall in love with the superb traction and responsive handling. Whether it is gravel, dirt, light mud, snow, or rocks, this tire will never disappoint you. 6 ply casing make it tough and puncture-resistant.


  • Excellent snow traction
  • Perfectly works on hard-packed surfaces
  • Outstanding mud traction
  • Durable


  • Better on-road dynamics are expected

2. Maxxis 4-Snow – Best Performer

Maxxis 4-Snow

Maxxis makes superior quality ATV tires for snow. Maxxis 4-snow is a proper winter ATV tire that enhances the driving experience in winter. Your ATV will transform into a snowmobile with a set of these tires. 4-Snow ATV tire is designed particularly from a soft tread compound that remains flexible and pliable in chilly conditions. A soft rubber perfectly sticks to surfaces which improves traction and grip.

The tread in Maxxis is reversible so the scoop side is excellent on unpacked and packed snow while the backside enhances traction on ice. Unlike other all-terrain tires, the Maxxis 4-snow works outstanding on ice. You can enjoy riding on a frozen lake with this tire.

You can use Maxxis 4-snow tire on the sand and improves drivability. The downside is that soft compound wear and tear quickly in warmer months despite of durable construction of the tire.


  • Excellent snow traction
  • Performs well in winter months
  • Durable construction


  • Not adequate for warmer months

3. Carlisle AT489 – Durable Snow Tire

Carlisle AT489

This all-terrain tire performs well in snowy regions. The tread is not deep but the tire works excellently on snow and light mud. It provides enough grip and traction for joyriding. The lack of deep and large lugs means insufficient digging but adequate to dig into the packed or unpacked snow.

Moreover, the lesser the tire digs, the there is less chance to get stuck. For snow riding, you need a tire that can dig but it should also stay above the snow.

Carlisle AT-489 works well on almost all trails. It works perfectly on gravel, dirt, sand, and rocks. The tire features 4 ply rating so it can be used for frequent driving on uneven and demanding terrains without causing issues to the casing. Low-pressure driving is not a good choice.


  • Durable tread
  • Excellent trail performance
  • Usable in cold weather
  • Outstanding traction on snow


  • Ply rating should be improved

4. ITP Mud Lite II ATV/UTV-Budget tire


ITP Mud Lite II is a tough and durable ATV tire that is budget friendly too. It works perfectly on trails and mud so you can use this tire without a second thought. If you are an aggressive driver, this tire won’t disappoint you because of its 6-ply construction. The tire works excellently on trails and provides superb responsiveness on hard surfaces. It provides high-end stability at high speed.

Don’t worry the Mud Lite II shines equally on rocky surfaces, with toughness and excellent traction. The deep-angle lugs work perfectly on gravel and wet trails and give outstanding mud traction. You will be amazed by the trail performance of Mud Lite II.

The redesigned tread pattern provides better mud cleanout which is useful in harsh conditions. Using this tire will surprise you on the road as it offers smooth and excellent grip while driving.


  • Durable and tough
  • Perfect to drive on snow
  • Excellent performance


  • Mud performance should be improved

5. ITP Cryptid – Excellent mud tire for snow

ITP Cryptid

ITP Cryptid drives well over everything and it has carefully designed tread to give enough traction on snow. All you need is a powerful ATV that can handle snow. Deep lugs on the ITP Cryptid create lots of tension on the transmission and engine components. These tires can be used on packed snow.

The tire is superior on all surfaces and it gives you traction like a real champion. It is reliable and safe. ITP Cryptid is durable and one of the best choices for ATV tires on snow.


  • Excellent snow traction
  • Outstanding stability
  • High stability


  • Get a powerful ATV for the best performance

6. Duro HF243 Tire – High Performance

Duro HF243 Tire

This high-performance ATV tire has a Chevron-shaped tread pattern that improves traction on different surfaces. Knob and Paddle tread design showcases shoulder elements for cornering and lateral traction. Tread is designed to resist cuts and punctures. The tire is perfect for use in snow, sand, and mud.

 It is available in a wide range of sizes for different fitments. The snow traction of this tire is excellent so Duro HF243 is useful in the winter too. Enjoy a smooth ride with responsive handling.


  • Great for snow
  • Excellent paddle and knob design
  • Durable construction


  • None we could find

7. Carlisle Snow Hog Bias Tire – Good Snowblower

Carlisle Snow Hog Bias Tire

Carlisle is a reliable brand that offers reasonable ATV tires for snow. These superior-quality tires are suitable for all terrains. You can use a set of Carlisle Snow Hog Bias tires on wet, dry, and snowy roads.

The tire is comfortable and lightweight on dry roads. Carlisle works perfectly in deeper mud but it slightly compromises on-road dynamics. You can enjoy a smooth ride with the Carlisle Snow Hog Bias tire.

You can enjoy riding ATVs for long hours on hard trails such as mountains and rocks. It gives stability and high handling responsiveness when driven hard. Durability and toughness is another important factor that makes this tire a perfect option.


  • Longer life
  • Excellent traction
  • Comfortable and smooth ride


  • Mounting on rims is a bit difficult

Buying Guide for Choosing the Best ATV Tires for Snow

Before investing in ATV tires for snow you must consider some factors to make an informed decision.

1. Tire dimensions

It is essential to know the proper tire size because buying smaller or larger tires will put a strain on the engine.

2. Driving style

If you love driving at high speeds, sturdy and spiky tires are a good choice as it helps maintain high stability. The smooth tire provides good protection on different terrains.

3. Weather and Terrain conditions

It is important to know that not all tires are made equally. Some manufacturers provide all-season tires while some offer mud tires.

4. Ply

Ply rating usually varies from 2 to 6. The more the count, the stronger the tire and you can enjoy additional traction and aggression in deep snow conditions.

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Q: How durable are ATV tires?

The lifespan of ATV tires depends on different factors. Generally, each tire has an average lifespan of 5 years.

Q: Do bigger tires help in faster driving of ATVs?

Yes, the larger the ATV tires, the faster is driving. Big tires in ATVs allow efficient movement. But it is recommended to get a larger size about 1-2 inches. Your ATV will not operate if you use too large a tire.

Q: Are paddle tires good for snow?

Yes, paddle tires work well in the snow, and especially on deep snow you stay afloat.


It is exciting to ride an ATV on snow but your vehicle must have snow tires attached. To get the best ATV performance you should buy superior-quality snow tires. Snow tires are perfect for drivers who love riding in winter.

From the list, our favorite is Kenda Bearclaw Evo K5 92 as with a set of these tires your ATV will have excellent grip and traction in the snow. The second product on our favorites is the Maxxis-4 as it is designed particularly from a soft tread compound that remains flexible and pliable in chilly conditions.

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